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|language code=en
'''ScoutMedia''' is the common media sharing place for the scouting wikis of [  ScoutWiki Network]. It has been set up to receive all the media files (first of all images files) of the different scouting wikis, in order to enable those to use the images of each other. Actually, it's intended to have exactly the same use than Wikimedia Commons for the different Wikipedias.
{|style="width:100%;margin-top: .7em;background-color:#fcfcfc;border:1px solid #ccc"
|colspan="3"|<center><big>'''Media categories'''</big></center>
Images on ScoutMedia can be found using the categories. Current categories are the following :
* [[:Category:Icon]]
* [[:Category:Jungle Book]]
* [[:Category:Public domain]]
|<!--Not anything here yet-->
==Working with Bots==
Linking the different ScoutWiki Network's wikies is mainly made through language links. Those are easy to maintain while using a Bot, which can also be used to create easily certain types of pages ([[date pages]]).
All the information about the use of Bots on ScoutWiki Network's wikies can be found in [[:Category:Bot]].
==ScoutWiki Network==
Here is a list of the main ScoutWiki Network scouting wikis :
* [ PartioWiki] : Finnish - ''Suomi''
* [] : Dutch - ''Nederlands''
* [ Scoutopedia] : French - ''Français''
* [ La Roca del Consejo] : Spanish - ''Espa

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ScoutMedia is the common media sharing place for the scouting wikis of ScoutWiki Network. It has been set up to receive all the media files (first of all images files) of the different scouting wikis, in order to enable those to use the images of each other. Actually, it's intended to have exactly the same use as Wikimedia Commons for the different Wikipedias.

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ScoutMedia is the media sharing wiki of ScoutWiki Network. It has been created to host all scouting-related images, and to host some common files used on ScoutWiki websites, inclunding on their interface.

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