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This category is for all neckerchief images on ScoutMedia. It is primarily designed to contain .svg neckerchief images generated with NeckGen.

The category is subdivided into further categories, based on colour. Mainly, these categories are limited to most of the basic colours, such as black, brown or blue etc. For the sake of simplicity, more "special" colours are not included, such as mauve, chartreuse or tan. Such colours should be categorised with the closest basic colour (i.e. pink should be categorised with red). If this is not possible, the category Other colours has been provided.
In case of doubt it is far better to add more categories to an image, rather than guess at which colour is better (i.e. include both grey and black).

The template {{Neckerchief}} places the image in this cat. When an image is moved to one or more sub categories, the template should be substituted for the template {{necker nocat}}, to ensure that the image is categorised correctly.


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