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Birdwathcer, sailor, photographer, fisherwoman, hiker, and finally also scout

I was a girl scout around the age of eight for a little while, but birdwatching and various other environmentalism related activities, which my best friend preferred, won at that time. Sailing and photography have been a part of my life on-and-off since my teens, hiking and (deadly serious) fishing came in when I was in my tweens. The scout group Otavaeltajat (in Finnish) in Espoo, Finland, gave me a chance to get serious about scouting as a grown-up, and I think their program for leaders (in Finnish) is a great addition to the pool of global scouting traditions. Some day I hope someone will translate the program into English and thus make it available for further translations and adaptations.

My husband was a scout from cubs to rover, and made a point of taking both our daughters for daily long walks in the woods while he was at home on paternal leaves. This gave eight months of early hiking per kid, and it shows very positively in both. Our oldest child has fairly recently joined the cubs of my current scout group Flickscoutkåren Korsfararflickorna (with short summary in English), and our youngest can hardly wait.

From Wikipedian to wiki-holic

I became a Wikipedian in June 2006, and after that I have slowly slided in a semi-serious wiki-holism. I am registered on at least a dozend different wikis, on some just to learn more about how Mediawiki software works, on others for the sake of the content: either as learner or contributor, often both.

More info

In English

Please feel free to check out my wikimedia commons userpage, en.wikipedia userpage or webpage for more information.

In Swedish and Finnish

The scouting wiki I am most active on is the new one in Swedish: my user page there.

I am also active on the Finnish Partiowiki: my user page there.