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This template has to be used when uploading a file to the ScoutMedia web server in order to provide intelligence about this file

How to

This template has to be used on each file page with the following syntax :

|Description = (description in English)
|Description-xx = (optional line, replace xx with a language code for a description in this language)
|Source = 
|Author =
|Date =
  • Description is not compulsory but is strongly wished. It shall shortly describe what is on the file, especially in order to help media search.
It is possible to add a |Description-xx = where xx is the language code of one language used on ScoutWiki, in order to provide a description of the media in several languages.
  • Mention of the source is compulsory. It is the origine of the file : url of the webpage from where it comes, references of the book from which it has been scanned, own work, etc.
  • Mention of the author is compulsory. It shall be the full name of the author of the original file (and not the name of the author of the scanning or of the photograph). If it's an own work, the owner shall sign using ~~~.

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English : Picture of BP with his dogs.
Français : Photo de BP avec ses chiens.



E-E Reynolds

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