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The label is the most common name that the item would be known by. It does not need to be unique, in that multiple items can have the same label, however no two items may have both the same label and the same description.

There is no requirement that an item's label be the same as the page name on its corresponding Scoutwiki site. In fact there are several cases, discussed below, in which it is actually desirable for the Wikidata label to be different from the Scoutwiki page title. The examples below are general examples. While they try to give guidance for the majority of cases, they are not bright-line rules. If a compelling reason can be given, any of these guidelines can be bypassed.

Labels in English


Labels begin with a lowercase letter except for when uppercase is normally required or expected. Essentially, you should pretend that the label is appearing in the middle of a normal sentence, and then follow normal language rules. Most terms would not be capitalized if they appeared in the middle of a sentence, however proper nouns such as the names of specific people, specific places, specific buildings, specific books, etc., should be capitalized. In the rare case that something intentionally breaks capitalization rules, the capitalization on Wikidata should reflect this, and not try and correct it.